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Ahh, Appetizers

April 9, 2011

Great for happy hour.

When you are hungry late in the day, but are not ready for dinner, is there anything better than a variety of little bites of delicious food? I don’t think so! I just love appetizers (synonymous with hors d’oeuvres, according to all Internet sources I can find), and can make a meal of them.

My love of appetizers started when I was a child. My parents used to have cocktail parties, and the bits of food served with drinks were fascinating, out-of-the-ordinary fare: fancy cheese with crackers, caviar on toast points, assorted olives, and exotic rumaki (marinated chicken livers and water chestnuts wrapped in bacon and broiled … Heaven!). I got to taste – and learned to make – these delicious bites at an early age.

My first public experience with appetizers involved junior high school and speech class. I had 20 minutes to demonstrate something I knew how to do. By that age I could ride a horse, rig and race a sailboat, and make a perfect martini (thanks, Mom), but those were not things I could do in a classroom. After quite a bit of thinking, I finally had the solution – I could make hors d’oeuvres!

When it was my turn for the demonstration speech, I proudly made a platter full of cubed cheddar cheese topped with pimento-stuffed green olives, and held together with a decorative toothpicks. The class got to enjoy a snack, and I received an A – and a strange look – from the teacher. I have been making, and enjoying, appetizers ever since.

Marinated mushrooms are yummy on their own, as a side, or on salads.

Given my history, it is no wonder that some of my favorite Summer’s Secret Seasoning recipes are appetizers. Find recipes for Cheddar Cheese Biscuits, Salmon Spread, Marinated Mushrooms, Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Chili Garlic Mayonnaise and others – with more to come – on my website.  Try them at your next cocktail party, girls’ night, or as starters for a romantic dinner for two … Enjoy!

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