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Support from Friends

February 26, 2011

One of the best things about developing and launching Summer’s Secret Seasoning has been the unqualified support for my endeavor from my friends. My website has been up less than a month, and they are already using my seasoning, developing recipes, and giving me great feedback.  They are my cheering section, taste-testers, and unpaid promoters and I couldn’t do this without them.

Friday night we had a small pot-luck dinner at a friend’s place. I took some sample packets of my seasoning to the friends who did not yet have any. Kathy had made a huge, beautiful green salad to go with the pasta dishes (more on those later). While we were putting the final touches on dinner, Kathy asked, “Can I use your seasoning on the salad?”

Her question immediately reminded me that my mother used to put dried herbs into great salads she made when I was a kid. She would toss the herbs with the greens, and then lightly dress the salad with oil and vinegar (I use fresh lemon juice now). I realized that a number of things have  contributed to the development of Summer’s Secret Seasoning; some from recent experiences, such as travel in Italy, and some from my past … Thanks, Mom!

So I said, “Sure!” Kathy sprinkled some of my seasoning over the salad, and everyone seemed to enjoy the flavor.  Jennifer told me that she plans to use my seasoning on seared tuna tonight; she promised to let me know how it turns out.

My friend, Danielle, who lives in Houston, has already developed Baked Pork Chops, using my seasoning mix. I plan to try her recipe tonight – my husband loves pork chops – and will feature the recipe on my website soon.

So my friends, thank you again for your support and for developing new recipes. You are the best!

Happy Seasoning …

PS: My pasta dish was Cheese Tortellini with Summer’s Secret Garlic Pesto Sauce. I’ll be putting that recipe up on the website, too.

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